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Free Dessert Ideas for Parties eCookbook

Free Dessert Ideas for Parties eCookbook

The best things in life are sweet!

Fulfill your Sweet tooth with this FREE dessert recipe book.

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The recipes found in this free eCookbook, 12 Easy Dessert Recipes: Dessert Ideas for Parties and More, are just what your sweet tooth has wanted all along!

Recipes for Chocolate cake, apple pie, cupcakes, and more are included in this book with step-by-step, easy-to-read instructions.

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Wilton Candy Melting Pot ONLY $15.99 (Reg. $41)

Wilton Candy Melting Pot ONLY $15.99 (Reg. $41)


I could definitely use one of these, how about you?

These are great for all kinds of dipping treats, not just for the holidays!

You can use this Wilton Candy Melting Pot any day! 🙂

Have you tried making any of these?

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Head to Amazon to get this Wilton Candy melts Candy Melting Pot for only $15.99, regularly $41.13. Melt up to 2 to 1/2 cups of Candy Melts candy in 10 minutes or less for dipping, drizzling and decorating using the two temperature settings.

  • Melt up to 2 to 1/2 cups of Candy Melts candy (sold separately) in 10 minutes or less for dipping, drizzling and decorating using the two temperature settings
  • Two pour spouts on each side plus a removable silicone insert for easy cleanup
  • Polarized 120-volt plug
  • Material: Plastic and silicone
  • Melting pot dimensions: 5.7 inches diameter x 6.3 x 9.1 inches (14.4 diameter x 16 x 23.1 centimeter)

Did I miss any #dipping or #drizzle uses not mentioned above?

Leave me a reply, thanks.

Karen – Kupon Girl


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Wilton Candy Melting Pot ONLY $15.99 (Reg. $41) Read More »

Tasty Vanilla Pizzelles

You can’t eat just 1!

Tasty Vanilla Pizzelles

I am a participating Co-Host this month for 2015 Ultimate Cookie and Goodie Virtual Party and Giveaway.

#Ultimatecookieparty #Recipe

I found this easy PizzelleRecipe HERE


Two weeks ago I visited my aunt with my sister. We have been traveling out of state weekly to help sort and pack boxes for her new move. My sister and I are on a mission to continuously help out! My Aunt was giving items to family and friends that she didn’t want or need.

I was in the garage packing boxes. My aunt came out and said, “I have something for you and I think you are going to like it!” I had no idea what this could be and was getting excited!! 🙂

  • I received a Pizzelle Maker!!! 🙂

  • Wowzers! How cool is this?!?! Very Cool!!! 🙂

My Aunt says, “I don’t have the instruction booklet that goes with it.” I said it was not a problem. I will just go on google/internet and look for it. 🙂

Later that evening, when I got home I got onto google to start my search. I couldn’t find the exact instruction booklet for the international toastmaster pizzelle maker. The ones that I read had indicator lights and mine did not.

So, now what? How am I going to use the pizzelle maker?

  • Well, this is going to be a learning experience.
  • Learn as you go, right?
  • I went back online to google and searched for an easy pizzelle recipe.
  • There are many selections to choose from!


Here is my pizzelle making adventure that I am sharing with all of you today!

Pizzelle Maker


Use a basting brush and canola oil to lightly coat the round cookie mold plates.


Use a potholder to open/close the lid -slowly and bake for 30-45 seconds.


The pizzelles look like mini-waffles!

Use a spatula to place pizzelles on a cooling rack .


When Pizzelles are cooled stack them.

Plain Vanilla Pizzelles

I arranged all the vanilla pizzelles on a plate.

Powdered Sugar Vanilla Pizzelles

I used a sifter to get powdered sugar over the vanilla pizzelles.

These vanilla pizzelles are very tasty! They are very light and you can’t eat just one, I tried! They taste like an Italian cookie! 🙂

  • I had a lot of fun making these.
  • Makes 2 Dozens! 🙂


Also, here is another variation my mother made with these Tasty Vanilla Pizzelles and you can too! Ice Cream Pizzelle Cookie!

  • Place 1 Pizzelle on a plate
  • Place a few scoops of Ice Cream or frozen yogurt on the pizzelle.
  • Place another pizzelle on top.
  • Add whip cream to it.
  • Drizzle some chocolate syrup over it!


It is Yummy! 🙂

Please share these recipes with your friends and family! I have seen Coconut, Chocolate, Lemon, and Peach liquor flavors for the pizzelles! Have your ever made pizzelles before? I would love to hear your replies!


Tasty Vanilla Pizzelles
  • 3 Large Eggs
  • 3/4 Cup of Sugar
  • 1 stick of Margarine (or butter) melted and cooled.
  • 1 3/4 Cup of Flour/Sifted
  • 2 Teaspoons of Baking Powder
  • I Tablespoon of Vanilla Extract
  • 1 small cup with canola oil (or oil of your choice)
  • 1 basting brush
  1. Beat Eggs and sugar in a bowl (about 2-3 minutes)
  2. Add slowly melted margarine (or butter) and vanilla.
  3. Fold in Flour and Baking Powder
  4. Use the basting brush and dip it into the canola oil to lightly coat each mold. (You will continue to baste each mold a few more times when you notice the dough not coming easily off the cookie mold plate).
  5. Place and bake 1 Tablespoon of batter per mold for about 30-45 seconds. Place the batter behind the center of the mold. (it may take a few tries to figure this out)
  6. Use a potholder to open and close the lid slowly so you don’t get burned from the steam.
  7. Remove pizzelles with a wooden spoon or spatula to the cooling rack.
  8. Optional: Sift powdered sugar on cooled pizzelles!
  9. Enjoy!!


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