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The coupons listed in the post(s) are currently for anyone that resides in the United States.


 Hi, I’m Karen

#Blogger, #Couponer

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I have been blogging for 5 years! Our local food pantry is always in need of food or non-food products, and I  like to help out by donating.

I save between $60 to $90 in my weekly grocery trip which includes the digital coupons (load-to-card), manufacturer coupons, and the coupons listed on the Stop and Shop store flyer!

I enjoy looking for and finding great deals at the lowest price possible and/or for FREE and sharing my deals with you!

  • I have started with getting 2 newspapers/week. The coupon inserts arrive in most Sunday papers and I get an extra set from Saturday’s paper as well 🙂 You can ask your friends and family for their coupon inserts if they don’t use them so you can get more savings (coupons).
  • Using coupon(s) CAN save you MONEY!

Have you heard about the “digital coupons” load-to-card offers you can get? Stop and Shop supermarket offers this! It’s another way for you to save on your groceries!  It’s FREE to sign-up!

  • You create a username/password and enter your #stopandshop card number. On the top of the page, you click on Coupons, and a bunch of digital coupons will appear. You get to choose which coupons you want to load to your #stopandshop card!

ShopRite Supermarket also has LTC (Load-to-card) digital coupons.

Coupon Inserts:

  • SmartSource
  • Retailmenot: RMN (used to be RedPlum)
  • Proctor and Gamble


  • You can talk to a store manager and ask them what they do with all of the leftover newspapers that have inserts in them. If they are just thrown out, ask if you can personally pick them up and get them for FREE (no price)
  • Make sure to check the Sunday newspaper(s) for coupons before you purchase it. 

Coupons dot com has many coupons to help you save money.


  • You are allowed 2 coupon prints per device.


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If you have any questions, just ask away and I will answer them!

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