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 Hi, I’m Karen

#Blogger, #Couponer, #ProductReviewer

Let me tell you 5 things about myself.

  1. I am a night person vs. a day person.
  2. I love to organize stuff!
  3. I would rather fold laundry than shovel snow!
  4. I skied in Canada, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire when I was a teenager!
  5. Sunsets and Clouds are my new thing for taking photos!

Couponing: I use to save globs of money between $60 to $90 on my weekly grocery trip by using the manufacturer coupons you would get in the Sunday papers.  But, with COVID a few years ago, I have seen a huge decline in any coupons being accepted into retail or grocery stores. The companies don’t know which household members got sick and therefore do not want any contact with the paper-printed or manufactured coupons from the inserts.

  • You can still save money at the supermarkets by using the store load-to-card offers! It does add up significantly!

I have also found that the Coupons.com app is easy to use and you can also save money! You create a free account and add your PayPal address for receiving payment! You add in any of your loyalty store discount card numbers; Walgreens, CVS, Shoprite, Stop and Shop, whichever ones you have. There will be offers listed and you get to choose which offer you would like! There will be a plus sign next to the product and you just click on it. When you buy the item using your loyalty store card- you will see a payment sent to your PayPal account for the discount. It could be $1.

Using coupon(s) CAN save you MONEY even if it is from an APP!

You can, however, still, use the “digital couponsload-to-card offers! Stop and Shop supermarket offers this! It’s another way for you to save on your groceries!  It’s FREE to sign-up!

  • You create a username/password and enter your #stopandshop card number. On the top of the page, you click on Coupons, and a bunch of digital coupons will appear. You get to choose which coupons you want to load to your #stopandshop card!

ShopRite Supermarket also has LTC (Load-to-card) digital coupons.

CVS had load-to-card coupons too!

Coupon Inserts:

  • SmartSource
  • Retailmenot: RMN (used to be RedPlum)
  • Proctor and Gamble

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