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Big Y Coupon Policy

Big Y

(note: this was copied directly from Big Y website.)

Coupon Policy For Manufacturers’, Internet & Digital Coupons

  • The purchase must meet the terms of the coupon.
  • Only one coupon is allowed per item.
  • Manufacturers’ paper coupons with a face value less than 99¢ will be doubled.
  • click2card™ have a limit of one per item per card and do not double.
  • Other digital coupons, store coupons & those that state “Don’t Double” are not doubled.
  • “Free-item” coupons will not be doubled.
  • The value of a coupon or value when doubled, may not exceed the price of the item. If it does, the item is free.
  • Coupons cannot be accepted toward any item that is given ‘FREE’ based on our stores’ advertised sale.  For example, if an item is advertised as ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free,’ and the customer selects two, they may only redeem one manufacturers’ coupon.
  • Redemption of identical coupons is limited to 5 per customer per ad week.
  • Double coupon offer excludes coupons on tobacco products, alcohol, lottery tickets & other items prohibited by law.
  • We reserve the right to accept or reject any coupon.

Our Price Accuracy Policies

*Excludes items prohibited by law.


  • In the event that a consumer commodity scans at an incorrect higher price, you will be given one item of that consumer commodity free of charge up to the value of $20.00, credit will be given for items of higher value.