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A Country Ride to the Farm!

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It’s been awhile since I have taken a Country Ride to the Farm. This was a perfect day for something different to do on the weekend with my daughter!  We both are animal lovers! Going here, also reminded me of when I worked in daycare of taking the kids to this outing! So much FUN and so many animals!


PicMonkey Collage3

Our first stop was to find out where the Cows would be. We didn’t know exactly where they were located. After driving around the area of long twisty roads, the cows were finally found! Inside the barn were 2 cows side by side. It looked like one was whispering something to the other!

The baby cows were outside and soaking up the warm sun! They all had little cute igloos for their cow houses! 🙂



What a great view of the University of Connecticut Campus (in the background).


Huskies Mascot on water-tower!

Our next trip we found some horses. They are such beautiful animals.

They had all of this hay all to themselves! Just munch, munch, munch!






We came across some more cows. A few of them were moo-ing pretty loudly!



A baby calf getting nourishment from its mom.



Before we left to go home we stopped by at the famous Uconn Dairy Bar. They have really great Ice-Cream. I remember going here as a kid.


Pretty flowers near the Uconn Dairy Bar.

Both my daughter and I had a great time at the Farm and seeing the animals. It was nice quality time together.

Have you ever been to a farm in the country before? If you have, what animals did you like to see the most? I would love to know which ones.




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  2. I have friend who has cows—they came with her house! We love to stop in, especially in the spring just after all the calves have been born.

    What I enjoyed the most about your article was that you shared an experience with your daughter that you had in your own childhood. Those shared experiences are what creates a special mother/child bond that lasts long after the day is over. This day will be one your daughter will remember all of her life and hopefully one day share with her own child.

  3. I absolutely adore farms! I grew up in the Country and miss being around all of the horses & cows. We joined a local CSA & have to drive to the Country to pick up our veggies each Sunday – on the way, we pass all of the farm animals and horse pastures. It is truly my favorite time of the week 🙂 Great photos!!

  4. I grew up surrounded by farms even though we were not farmers. My husband grew up with a horse and goats and my kids love going to Grandpa’s house to help feed the goats and chickens. I’m pretty sure we’ll have horses one day, but have to have some land to put them on first. Glad you were able to get and see the country!

  5. I live in the country…well the boonies really and see all sorts of animals all the time. I think my favorite to see are horses just because of how they behave with one another. Cows and chickens are always fun as well (so long as they are on a farm like you have pictured above and not some awful, small space)

  6. My family thinks I am a bit crazy but I would love to own a farm. There is something about being able to sustain your family fright from your own backyard. My kids will eat anything that comes from our garden. I think it is because “we grew” it, it must be good

  7. I have never been to any farm in my life!!!! I live in the city and I would love to visit one! What’s a Dairy Bar like? I love horses as well as cows! I’d die to see and experience milking a cow.haha

  8. We visit a farm in the country quite regularly as our kids love horse riding. Its great to get away from it all and city life and just relax when we get there, I certainly don’t miss city life when we are there.

    There were also two baby sheep recently born there – Jack & Jill, no kidding!!

  9. The farm? I loved the farms I visited as a child owned by my aunts and uncles. Many memories of good times; some I talk about in my latest book “Getting Granny’s Goat”. You might enjoy reading it and if you do, I would love for you to leave a review. You’ll find a link to it on my website. Beautiful photos of your trip here on your site! Thank you for sharing.

    1. So cool to get to visit your Aunt/Uncle’s farm! Glad u had many memories and good times there! I will definitely check out your book- Getting Granny’s Goat! Congrats, Awesome to write a book 🙂 Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  10. Your post remained me of a time when my son was in preschool. One of the children had a birthday party at a farm. The animals where the attraction along with some birthday games and face painting. They took the kids on a horseback ride around a pond. He was so excited because it was the first time he had been on a horse.
    What a great way for you and your bond. 🙂

    1. What a great idea to have a birthday party at a farm with the preschool kids! So Awesome! How did your son like his ride on the horse? I hope he liked it 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

      1. He was scared at first but since then my aunt has gotten a few horses and they try to do horse rescues and he loves bring around them, learning and riding them. Last summer he was at her house when one of the horses had a colt I thought that was pretty amazing.

  11. The only time I see farm animals is when I go to the Orange County Fair! Sometimes country living just sounds much more appealing than urban life. When I go to the fair, I look forward to seeing all the animals because they’re not something I see on a daily basis, so it’s a real treat!

    1. My daughter feels the same way – looks forward to seeing the Animals at the town fair vs seeing anything else LOL! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience with me 🙂

  12. I grew up with extended family who lived on a farm. We’d take weekend trips to visit them a few times a year. One of my favorite memories was chasing the piglets in the barn. Those poor piglets! 🙁 We also had loads of fun doing some hay bale jumping and sliding, but you’ve got to watch out for spiders!

    1. thanks for stopping by and sharing one of your farm memories with me 🙂 Sounds like fun, with the hale bale jumping/sliding! Yeah, I’m not one for spiders either!

  13. We visited a farm with our kids last year. They loved seeing the cows being milked and having their tails clipped, but liked the goats best of all – especially when one escaped!! 🙂

    1. glad your kids loved seeing the cows being milked! My daughter n I didn’t find the goats at the farm, but maybe because it was the weekend?

  14. I like your pictures. We rarely go to countrysides where we can meet farm animals. We love to see the pigs and the cows when we went to a pasture in my hometown. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Look peaceful.

  15. It sounds like you had such a good time – what a great experience to be able to share with your daughter. I’m surrounded by farmland – just driving to work I can see horses, cows, sheep, and even llama! It’s always fun to watch the babies grow up as the seasons begin to change!

  16. Aw. This makes me miss the country. I used to live in cow country – now I live in asphalt country. I have to admit, I admired farm animals “from afar” but enjoy traveling through rural areas.

    1. That’s great, your daughter loves cows! Does she have any cow stuffed animals? Farm trips are very educational. It’s amazing what you can learn from the farms! My daughter collects a lot of cow themed stuff. Thanks for visiting!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing one of your experiences w me! Glad you liked your ride on the horse! Horses have such a personality!

  17. I was going for a ride through the hills the other day and all my daughter kept shouting out was “animals”….”horse”…”Cow”….”Moooooo”…..lol. She is 2…she is excited just to see an animal, but to say she can see an animal is an extra thrill!

  18. I remember as a child visiting my grandfather’s farm (where my father grew up), where he raised cows and sheep. I loved visiting the young calves! Although I always managed to step in a cow pie (or three). And of course I was always wearing sandals.

  19. I don’t think I have ever been on a farm. I live in the desert and used to live in Los Angeles so no farms around. I have been to petting zoos and the such. I guess there is advantages to growing up on a farm. I just haven’t experienced them.

  20. Great post! Unfortunately I’m super allergic to animals so I never really got to go to the farm. I hope my kids aren’t a sneezy mess like I am because I think this is not only fun for them but educational!

  21. I lived on a farm when I was in high school and really wasn’t that fond of it, but I was a teenager so what did I know? My mom still lives in the country and I thoroughly love spending time there and so do my children and grandchildren.

  22. Here in Arizona, we have been to the “farm”. I miss the actual out in the country, beautiful green acre farms that I am accustomed to back home in Minnesota! Your pictures reminded me of back there!

  23. I remember taking a field trip in kindergarten to a dairy farm. They took us through the barn to see the whole process of milking the cows & so on. For some reason I always remember those cows.

  24. AW!!! How fun is this??!! I love going to the farm!! My in-laws actually live on one, so my kids get the benefits of running around and playing although, with no more animals. BUT we always go to petting zoos and we love the safaris where you get to see all the wild animals in there habitat.

    1. That’s sweet your in-laws live on a farm and your kids get to run around on the property- energize!!!! 🙂 How cool would that be to see a safari? what is that like? I have never been to one! What wild animals did you see/habitat?

    1. That’s really nice you have a 4-H that comes every year! and that your son Loves going there! Kids seems to really like all kinds of farm animals- its’ something different than the cat/dog! What farm animals are your favorites? Thanks -on the pics! It was a fun day! n Thanks for visiting!

  25. We don’t live on a farm, but are not too far if we decided to venture into country. I love seeing the animals just in their element. It’s cool that you visited with your daughter. Those are the moments that you hope that they remember as an adult.

    1. Glad that its not too far for you to venture out for farms! My daughter talks about the farms with the chickens yearly. Her favorite is the cows! Thanks for stopping by!

  26. My wife and I visited the Minnesota Zoo over the past summer. The zoo has a family farm area, with a petting zoo, as well as farm animals. That was my favorite part of the zoo. Petting cows. Watching horses gallop up to us, and I swear they posed for a picture for us. The barn, elevator and silo were neat. An old John Deere tractor served as a photo prop for us.

    1. Glad you had a really fun time with your wife @ the Minnesota Zoo! Were the cows quiet when you petted them? or did they make noise? I haven’t petted one in a very long time. That’s pretty cool with the horses coming right up to you! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Nice to hear you have some family farms nearby and your daughter likes to visit them! I haven’t seen chickens in awhile. They are very cute though- the baby ones! Thanks for visiting!

    1. do u attend fairs? or have a petting zoo nearby? maybe then u could find some goats!!! 🙂 That’s pretty cool n different having your hiking group called the goats lol! Thanks for visiting!

  27. This is such a fun outing for kids & adults! I grew up in a very small rural town and most of my friends had farms. In fact, at one point I lived across the road from a family owned petting zoo. They had llamas, horses, cows, chickens, etc. Every once in awhile I’d get woken up in the middle of the night by the donkeys. LOL! So glad you had fun with your daughter! 🙂

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