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The Protector

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Day 13, Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC)

The Protector


My sister “K” adopted this dog about 6 years ago. The dog had stayed at a few dog shelters; including one  down in the south. All I know is she is part terrier mix. Her name was Oreo.

Oreo had a very tough life. She was malnourished, very skinny, and had a limp with one of her legs. Oreo’s name was changed to Annie.  This dog has a bb gun bullet lodged in her leg from her previous owners, and it can not be taken out. I can’t even imagine the pain this dog has endured 🙁 over the years.

Annie is a very friendly dog and so easy going. It is like a new transformation came over her after she was adopted 🙂 She likes to go for rides in the car, and go on walks in the neighborhood. I heard that the mailperson even brings Annie treats! 🙂 This dog loves to be outside. Annie relaxes on one of the lounge chair cushions. She has the life!

This month, in the middle of the night, Annie alerted my sister, “K”, by jumping up on her bed, and nudging her  face right to my sisters face. The dog kept at this until my sister woke up. My sister, petted the dog, and tried to go back to sleep. Annie at this time, put her whole self behind my sister and on the pillow. The nudging continued until my sister was completely awake!

The alert was the carbon mononide gadget had gone off in the house. All that loud beeping had alerted the dog and the dog was scared. My sister, “K” called the non-emergency number at the PD and told them what was going on. The dispatcher told her to get out of the house with the dog. She went to her car with the dog and a lot of blankets and food (for the dog) in case she couldn’t go back in her house. This night happened to be one of the coldest night of the week, after a major snowstorm. The police and firetrucks came in the middle of the night. The firefighters came in full gear to check the house out. Twenty minutes later everything was ok and no carbon monoxide poison. Thank God! The firefighters told my sister she has one lucky dog and who is definitely the protector of the house! 🙂

Have you ever had an experience like this with any of your pets? I would love to hear your responses.


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  1. Oh, I absolutely love stories like this when an animal saves or alerts its owner. Animals can be so amazing. There’s something so special about shelter dogs. When they get the love they have always needed, they just blossom. It sounds like your sister is a blessing to Annie and Annie is a blessing to your sister.

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