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Just Because……

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My Parent’s went on a vacation to New Hampshire for a few days. I have traveled there over the years. The outlet shops in Portsmouth are great to shop at! I have fond memories of going to Lake Winnipesaukee when I was younger.  My Parent’s had rented a cottage for a week and the lake was just footsteps away!

Last week was surely a busy week! I helped out my parents’ with doing some household chores for them. My parent’s were returning home from their vaca when my mom got ill at a restaurant and had to go get checked out at the hospital 🙁

Throughout the day and night I was the messenger, contacting family members on her progress and trying not to worry. Her condition was some viral bug. Doctors at the ER said this was happening to a lot of people in MA and they were getting a lot of cases of this sickness.

During the week I made meals for my parents’ and whatever else they needed I did. No questions asked. That’s the kind of person I am; do for others, help out whenever you can, no task is too much!

To my surprise, when my mom was feeling much better, she went with my dad out to the “Staples”store to get some copy paper. I was given two gifts that day from my parents’. I had no idea what it could be….. It was squishy and the other was hard.

Here is what I received:




A Hello Kitty zippered (squishy) purse and a pink (hard) mini notebook with a zipppered sleeve. I love anything that has to do with Hello Kitty products!

They told me the gifts were Just Because of my kindness to them, taking care of their house and helping them out when they needed it the most 🙂








6 thoughts on “Just Because……”

  1. That is wonderful! We have a Hello Kitty store here at the Legends outlets in Sparks. Maybe I will need to make a trip and find something for you! Doing good deeds for someone really helps one to feel great inside and the gift is always a bonus!

    1. Thanks a bunch for your kind words! 🙂 My parent’s def appreciated all the help 🙂 n I felt good doing it 🙂 do u have a website for Sparks? lol! Thank you for stopping by and visiting!

  2. You’re a great daughter and I’m sure your parents would have loved you and gotten you a gift even if you hadn’t done those things but it does feel great to be appreciated. Hope you’re having a great week!

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