Show Love On Valentine’s Day!

Wow! These days are going by so fast! Hard to believe Valentine’s Day is finally here!!!! Sweet, It is!

I think of candy hearts, chocolates, and more candy, lol! I also think of Love and my daughter’s birthday 🙂 A double treat! Double fun!

Show Love On Valentine’s Day!

I wanted to do something special for Valentine’s Day.

Yesterday, I decided to do some baking! What was I going to bake, cupcakes? I went a little extreme and also made a cake too! Not sure where I got all this energy to do all of this, but I was on a roll!  Have you ever been on a roll to do more than one thing?

I used a devils food cake mix box for the cupcakes and cake. (follow instructions on box). I used free eggs that I got from Stop and Shop!

After the cupcakes cooled I spread chocolate frosting on them. I poured sprinkles into a bowl and dipped the cupcake into them and used a spoon to sprinkle them. Either way, both worked!

For the cake, I frosted with chocolate frosting and poured sprinkles over the cake. I also put some sprinkles on the side of the plate for decorations!

12 cupcakes and 1 flat (baking tin) I was able to make from 1 box of devils food cake mix!

**Did you make anything special for on Valentine’s Day?**  Leave me a reply and let me know! Thanks, Karen – Kupon Girl

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope your day is extra special today!