Have You Tried The Brioche Swirls?

Have You Tried The Brioche Swirls?

My mom was out grocery shopping the other day at Geissler’s. She asked if I could help her unload her groceries and put them away for her. Of course, I can do that! 🙂

I started by putting the produce and fruit into the fridge; lettuce, celery, a few mangos, a red pepper, and blueberries.

One grocery bag on the counter was over-filled to the top. I noticed a package sticking out of it.

The package read: 6 Brioche Swirls.

  • Individually wrapped to grab and go!

  • Unwrapped

  • A sweet cheese filling in the middle!

This Brioche Swirl is light and fluffy!

A sweet french snack!

It’s easy to pick up and take a bite!


The Brioche Swirls are baked in France with Love <3

How To Enjoy Brioche

  • Enjoy with your morning coffee
  • Add it to your lunchbox for a sweet treat!
  • Top it with fresh cream and soft fruit as a dessert.

Calcium: 4%

Iron: 4%

Protein: 3 Grams

Price: $5.49

I have seen “Brioche Cheese Breads” at “Stop and Shop” Supermarkets and they are very good tasting too!


**Have you ever eaten this sweet french snack before?**

Even a one word response from you would mean the world to me!

Thanks, Karen – Kupon Girl

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