No Hand Soap? No Problem! Buy This Instead


Coronavirus has many stores and online stores facing limited stock on essentials like hand soap. Soap is the #1 product we should all be using to wash away the COVID-19 virus and protect ourselves and loved ones. But what do you do when you run out and can’t find it in any store or online? Check out our solutions below:

Dish Soap isn’t Just for Dishes

Most stores have been out of hand soap now for weeks. But you can often find dish soap still in stock both in-store and online. Amazon has dish soap available to ship within the next few days. Also, any basic dish soap should do the trick. Science doesn’t necessarily support that antibacterial or antiseptic soaps are more effective at washing away Coronavirus than regular soaps.

Body Wash Washes Away Germs too

Body wash will also work because they contain “soap molecules,” which trap dirt, oil, and microbes (in other words GERMS) by grouping them together and water washing them away. Check your bathroom for body wash because any will work! If you need to buy more body wash your stores should have plenty in stock. If you don’t want to venture out Amazon has a plethora of body washes you can purchase with 2 days shipping.

Bar Soap Works Too – as a last resort

Any bar soap will also wash away the germs. However, this should be your last option as there are many studies that show that bar soaps that are handled by more than one person can spread germs if not used properly. To prevent this you need to wash your bar soap off with water when you are done and let it dry.

Remember, if you run out of hand soap, don’t panic. Find any soap that’s available around your house or purchase some online, and you will still be protected against the coronavirus.