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Save 48% on Utopia Bedding Comforter – ONLY $16 (Reg $32)

Utopia Bedding Comforter


Utopia Bedding Comforter is 48% off on Amazon. Pay just $16.56, regularly $31.99.


  • Crisp-looking comforter featuring Piped Edges with an elegant Box Style Stitching Pattern that not only looks beautiful but prevents the fill from shifting during the night, ensuring a comfortable sleep.

About this item

  • 100% Polyester
  • HIGH-QUALITY – Ensures durability through strong stitching and is manufactured using high-quality filling
  • BOX STYLE STITCHING – Crisp-looking comforter featuring Piped Edges with an elegant Box Style Stitching Pattern that not only looks beautiful but prevents the fill from shifting during the night, ensuring a comfortable sleep
  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE – Made using soft material with siliconized fiber filling that provides a comfy feel throughout the night
  • CONVENIENT SIZE – The queen comforter measures 88 inches by 88 inches
  • MACHINE WASHABLE – Machine wash in a gentle cycle with cold water, sun-dry or tumble dry on low when needed.

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Save 48% on Utopia Bedding Comforter – ONLY $16 (Reg $32) Read More »

10 Ways to Get Free Stuff on Amazon: Prime Not Required

how to get free stuff on amazon


Discover how to get free stuff on Amazon without needing Prime. Our guide covers accessing free digital content, leveraging Prime benefits, earning through shopper panels, connecting with online communities for freebies, becoming a product tester, and mastering cashback and discount strategies.

You’re here to cut through the noise and actually learn how to get amazing deals and freebies on Amazon without needing to be an Amazon Prime member. Our comprehensive guide demystifies the process, giving you the bare essentials to grab free items, join reward programs, and become a savvy Amazon shopper.

So whether you’re shopping for yourself, your friends, kids babies, or even your coworkers, let’s get you started on a path to zero-cost shopping with practical, no-nonsense advice on how to score free stuff on Amazon.

1. Leverage Free Digital Content, from Free Kindle eBooks to Free Amazon Music

Amazon serves as a vast repository, providing its users with thousands of free songs on Amazon Music for both streaming and downloading. This virtual music store allows you to explore fresh tunes or relish familiar melodies at no cost whatsoever.

For those who revel in reading, Amazon also presents an extensive selection of complimentary offerings such as free Kindle books and free audiobooks on Audible. A simple search for ‘freebies’ or even Stuff Your Kindle Day on their platform can lead to exciting literary discoveries across various genres. No matter what you’re into, there’s at least one free Kindle book out there for you.

2. Get 5GB of Free Cloud Storage

Not to mention-owning an Amazon account comes with the perk of 5GB worth of free Cloud Storage – a generous space where you’re able to keep:

  • Your free tracks from Amazon Music
  • Your free Kindle books
  • Your free audiobooks
  • Your personal photos
  • Other Amazon freebies

And more without fretting over storage limitations or having a Prime Membership or not.

3. Earn Rewards While You Shop: Amazon Shopper Panel 

Amazon offers more than just shopping. It also presents an opportunity to earn rewards. Through the exclusive Amazon Shopper Panel, participants can accumulate rewards by uploading receipts of purchases made outside of Amazon and by responding to surveys. If you haven’t received an invitation yet, don’t fret—you can place yourself on a waitlist and be admitted as soon as space opens up.

Your participation in the Shopper Panel program is entirely within your grasp. Here’s what you can do:

  • Opt out at any time and remove personal data
  • Gather monthly rewards by sharing qualifying receipts and completing surveys
  • Be assured that Amazon respects your privacy by expunging private details from submitted receipts.

4. Exchange Old Devices for an Amazon Gift Card with the Amazon Trade-In Program

There’s also an option to exchange old Amazon devices for an Amazon gift card equal in value to the device—a clever way both to simplify one’s life and acquire extra earnings simultaneously.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit the Amazon Trade-In Program Page: Navigate to the Amazon Trade-In page to learn about the types of devices that are eligible for trade-in.
  2. Select Your Device: Find the category that matches your device and select the specific item you wish to trade in.
  3. Answer Questions About Your Device: Accurately answer a series of questions regarding the condition of your device to receive a trade-in quote.
  4. Submit Your Trade-In: If you agree to the quote, submit your trade-in request. Amazon will then provide a shipping label for you to use.
  5. Prepare and Ship Your Device: Pack your device securely, affix the shipping label, and send it off to Amazon for assessment.
  6. Device Assessment: Upon receipt, Amazon will inspect your device to confirm its condition matches your description.
  7. Receive Your Amazon Gift Card: If everything checks out, an Amazon Gift Card equal to the appraised value of your device will be added to your Amazon account.
  8. Enjoy Your Amazon Credit: Use your newly acquired Amazon credit to shop for millions of items on

5. Connect with Community: Leverage Social Platforms for Freebies

Groups on Facebook can be great places to uncover an array of free items offered by entrepreneurs and Amazon sellers. Instagram profiles dedicated to highlighting various products often reveal opportunities for nabbing free stuff from this retail giant.

To streamline your search, employ targeted hashtags – these digital signposts can guide you swiftly towards promotions of free Amazon products across social media platforms. Be vigilant though. As much as social media serves up generous offers, it also harbors potential scams—prudence is key when hunting down such deals.

6. Upload to Amazon Photos and Get $20 Promotional Credit

Right now, you can get $20 of promotional credit off your next Amazon balance of $40 or more when you upload a photo onto Amazon Photos. Not only is this one of the few ways you can get a free item, but the Amazon Photos program also comes with unlimited full-resolution photo storage PLUS 5GB of storage for videos.

7. Become a Vine Voice by Writing Reviews In Exchange for Testing Products

Have you ever considered testing products for Amazon? This could be your chance to receive free stuff. The Amazon Vine program is an invitation-only program where selective group members, called Vine Voices, are provided with free items in return for writing helpful reviews.

By regularly providing honest and unbiased reviews, you may catch the attention of Amazon and earn an invitation to join the Vine program. This gives you not only access to complimentary merchandise but also allows you to aid other consumers by sharing your authentic experiences.

If you take the initiative by contacting Amazon sellers directly with proposals to write product reviews or by engaging with third-party review sites, it might work in your favor. They might accept your proposal, resulting in benefits on both sides. You obtain products at no cost while they acquire trustworthy reviews that counteract fake reviews.

8. Use Cashback Browser Extensions and Discount Strategies

Smart buyers on Amazon know the tricks to finding top-notch deals. They leverage everything from browser extensions and free coupon apps like Capital One Shopping to snagging an Amazon gift card at a discount, ensuring they don’t pay full price.

Such extensions work wonders by seeking out and applying prime coupon codes automatically for your purchases on Amazon, which means you could also earn some cash back and even free gift cards. Consider it akin to having an eagle-eyed shopping companion dedicated to securing your unsurpassable savings.

9. Set Up Your Send Me a Sample Account with Your Alexa Device

Believe it or not, you can ask your Alexa device to “send me a free sample” to get free products. To utilize this, simply enable the Send Me a Sample extension in your Alexa app and be sure all of your accounts are linked. Then, simply say “Send Me a Sample” and Alexa will tell you what free things you can get right now.

10. Get a Free Baby Box with an Amazon Registry

When you create an Amazon registry, you get a free baby box! Simply go to the Registry account page and make a minimum $10 purchase, and you’ll be eligible to receive a free baby welcome box, which includes a variety of free baby items and coupons for kids and moms.


What You Get for Free with Amazon Prime

While there are clearly dozens of ways to get free stuff on Amazon without an Amazon Prime membership, there are also lots of free things available exclusively only for Prime members. Here’s a peek at what at what’s in store when you join:


How to Get Free Stuff on Amazon: FAQs

Does Amazon Prime give you free stuff?
Certainly, Amazon Prime provides an array of advantages such as complimentary shipping choices, access to streaming services and reading material, as well as the option to extend membership benefits to family members.

What is the Amazon Vine program, and how can I join it?
Amazon’s Vine program is a select, invitation-only opportunity where participants receive products at no cost with the expectation of writing honest reviews. To be considered for inclusion in the Amazon Vine program, one must maintain a track record of writing comprehensive and sincere reviews on the platform.

How can I find free digital content on Amazon?
Searching for “freebies” in the Amazon search bar will allow you to discover a variety of free digital offerings, including MP3s, Kindle e-books, and audiobooks.

How does the Amazon Shopper Panel work?
Participating in the Amazon Shopper Panel entails sharing receipts from non-Amazon purchases and filling out surveys, which can lead to earning rewards. This opportunity is available on an invite-only basis.

Can I use social media to get free Amazon products?
You can use social media to find free Amazon products by joining relevant Facebook groups, following Instagram accounts that showcase products, and using relevant hashtags to discover free items more easily.

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Amazon Spend $50 Get $15 in Credit on Household Products


Save big with this hot offer on Amazon!

Right now on Amazon, we have a high offer to get $15 when you spend $50 on household essentials! Included is detergent, trash bags, air fresheners, and much more! This deal is HOT and perfect for stocking up on household supplies!

Check your account for other clippable coupons to save extra! There are tons of brands included such as Tide, Crest, Venus, and many more! These coupons go quickly and this offer will not last!

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Madesmart Bathroom Caddy ONLY $8.31 (Reg $20)

Madesmart Bathroom Caddy


Head to Amazon to score this Madesmart Bathroom Caddy for only $8.31 (Regularly $19.99).

Comes with raised feet, and a soft-grip handle for carry comfort.

Features holes for water drainage.

Holes create aeration and allow products to dry.

  • Large Soft Grip Tote Under Sink Bathroom Storage 
  • 2 Compartments
  • Multi-Purpose Home Organization
  • BPA Free
  • Frost

This is great for gifting, new homeowner, college dorms, and organization.

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Amazon: Almay Lip Glosses ONLY $2.86


For a limited time on Amazon, you can score hot savings on these Almay Glosses! Normally priced at $9.99, they’re currently on sale for $2.86!

This is a hot price for these glosses and they will sell out!

  • Available in 8 shades
  • Non-Sticky Lip Makeup
  • Holographic Glitter Finish
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 700 Flame
  • 0.9 Oz

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