Digital Blood Pressure Monitors for $15 on Amazon

Half of the normal cost. These are great to have in your medicine cabinet.

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  • QUICK READINGS- This wrist cuff health monitor quickly measures systolic, diastolic and pulse readings and displays them simultaneously on an easy to read LCD display screen.
  • $15.45 includes case


  • $14.98 includes case
  • The digital blood pressure cuff is extremely easy to use with one-button operation. Fully automatic compression and decompression. Just simply wear the cuff, pressing the switch button, and you will get the answer less than 45 seconds. pre-formed cuff make sure you can easy to wear it by yourself


  • $14.99 upper armband monitor
  • Irregular Heart Rate Indicate, Pulse Rate monitoring, Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm, Digital BP Machine for Home Use, 2 Users, 99 Sets Measuring Records Memory