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Work your waistline…without more crunches!

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Hey Friend,

What pops into your mind when I say “crunches”?

If you’re like most of us, you probably groan. “Ugh, I hate those things.”

I’m right there with you! But that doesn’t mean you can’t work your waistline. 

My friends at Ultimate Bundles have teamed up with Beth Learn, founder of Fit2B, to create a FREE class called:

Better Ways to Work Your Waistline (No Crunches Needed)! 

In this free class, you’ll discover:

  • The power of low-pressure exercises and gentle cardio
  • How to stop bloating from expanding your waist
  • The surprising effects sleep and daily alignment have on your midsection
  • And more!

All from an absolute expert!

Beth Learn is the founder of Fit2B Studio which is the world’s leading provider of women’s fitness for Diastasis Recti, Perimenopause, Pelvic Floor Strength, and more. Beth has a degree in Exercise & Sport Science and multiple certifications. She has worked tirelessly and passionately in the fitness industry since 1995 as a personal trainer, club manager, and fitness instructor. Fit2B provides hundreds of diastasis-aware, family-friendly workouts as well as 16 online fitness education courses used by thousands of women worldwide.

The class is being offered ONLY ONCE at:
Thursday, June 1st at 7 pm ET

Register HERE for Better Ways to Work Your Waistline.

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