Become a Funovation Toy Tester & Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card

Want a chance to give your opinion on new products, test toys and have a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card?

Join the Funovation Panel and become an official toy tester!

The Funovation Panel is a community of families that provide their feedback about new toys, videos, images, and much more. They’re looking for new members to help us understand what families want from toys today.

Members are invited to participate in projects such as in-home toy tests, early screening of TV shows, trend identification, and providing input on toys and ideas in the early stages of development. Help shape what will appear in stores and on screens across the world to better suit your family!

Also, to show their appreciation, for every Funovation survey you complete, you will be entered in to a draw for one of three $50 Amazon gift cards. That starts with this one, so click below!

To get started sign up with Funovation and take a quick survey so Funovation can determine what toys to send you.


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