8 Things To Help You Clean and Declutter!

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020

Hi Friends,

Just a few days ago I made the last haul (took about 4 separate trips) to my storage unit. I was able to get the rest of my stuff out and loaded into two vehicles. I couldn’t believe how much stuff was in there with such a tiny space!

Right now, I am working on cleaning and decluttering the garage along with all of my boxes from storage. This is the fun part, not really but doable! It can be done! I have 3 containers; one for what I want to keep, one for consignment, and one for trash items. This will definitely help with the decluttering.

Do you need any help with cleaning and decluttering?

Here are 8 things to help you Clean and Declutter from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle


  1. 5 Days of Cleaning Motivation (eCourse) by Joanie Boeckman 
    The eCourse you need to go from domestically challenged to domestically motivated.
  2. Cleaning with Essential Oils: Your Guide to All Natural Cleaning (eBook) by Kristyn Bango, Learn about different microbes and the M.I.C., and how to formulate effective antimicrobial cleaners.
  3. Declutter in Minutes (Planner) by Tracy Lynn, A planner that helps you to easily weave decluttering and organizing into your already busy day.
  4. Journey to Clean 2020 Cleaning Cards (Printable) by Leslie Lambert, Gives you simple cleaning tasks on printable cards.
  5. Motivated Moms Classic (Planner) by Susan Cramer, A done-for-you checklist to clean and maintain your home!
  6. Printable Housekeeping Checklists (eBook) by Dana K White, Printable checklists to help even the most overwhelmed! 
  7. The Essential Decluttering Starter Kit (Workbook) by Celeste Fennell, All the tools you need to start decluttering your home!
  8. Work Yourself Out of a Job Household Chore Templates & Checklists (Printable) by Erin Odom, A packet of cleaning cheat sheets and checklists to help parents teach their children how to clean various rooms around their home. 

Here are the other categories that are in included in the Ultimate HomemakimgBundle 

  • Organization and Decor
  • In The Kitchen
  • Family
  • Kids
  • Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Faith
  • Personal

You get everything in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for just $29.97 but act fast as this bundle is only available until Friday, at midnite.


Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020

P.S. If you’ve been trying to decide whether to get it or not, you might want to know that my friends at Ultimate Bundles offer a 30-day happiness guarantee! Try it out and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just email them for a refund within 30 days.