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Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2021

Hi Friend,

I’ve been telling you about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle — your personal library of homemaking resources to help you take care of your home, your family, and yourself.

It’s a phenomenal deal (just $37 for 48 resources), but…

If you get your bundle by the end of today, you’ll also receive the Lil’ Labels Kids + Pantry Label Pack bonus for free.

This bundle offers a great opportunity to get the tools you need to step out of your comfort zone without the overwhelm. As an example, you can start with meal planning:

  • Grocery Budget Mastery (a $47 value) — Lower your grocery budget and eliminate meal planning stress for good.
  • The Easy Way to Fill Your Freezer and Keep You Out of the Drive-thru (a $15 value) — Do you ever find yourself too busy to cook and end up going through a drive-thru or ordering in? This great product will help you stock your freezer with healthy meals. You will receive 20 recipes with pdf grocery lists that are separated into groups of 5, so you can make them all at once or 5 at a time, a printable to help keep you organized, and a video with tips to help on prepping/cooking day.
  • Meal Planning Printable Kit (a $14 value) — A collection of printables designed to help you stay organized with all things meal planning.

Check out all the details here and get your bundle + the early bird bonus when you buy before midnight:

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Don’t miss out on your chance to get access to this bonus. After today, it’s not included with the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, so if you’d like to snag those labels to make organizing a breeze, don’t miss it!

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2021

Have a great evening!


The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle: Get a Free Set of Kids + Pantry Labels Value Pack (a $16.99 value!)

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2021

Hello, Friend!

Yesterday, I introduced you to the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, but there’s one thing I haven’t told you about yet…

Did you know it comes with bonuses? Lots of them? Hooray! 🙂

Not only do the bonuses make it even easier to take care of your home, your family, and yourself… but also? They’re just really fun to redeem and receive. Who doesn’t like a gift in the mail?

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2021

In addition to the 48 amazing resources in this bundle, you’ll also get 13 bonuses worth over $550 including:

  • 2 Month Free, Musik at Home Membership Musik at Home brings developmental music classes for infant to elementary age kids right to your home. No commute. No schedule — Just capturing your child’s music potential when it’s highest, birth to age 7.(Value $31.99)
  • Lavender Lotion Bar & Vanilla Dust Lip Balm from Made on Skin Care MadeOn Skin Care is a family-run company that specializes in simple, effective, safe skincare.(Value $19)
  • $20 Credit to BalanceOne SupplementsBalance One Supplements is a family-owned business that makes premium health supplements for gut health and more. Products in this promotion include their highly-rated time-release Probiotic, Liver Support, CandAssist, and Turmeric formulas. All supplements are manufactured in the US, free from common allergens, vegan, and non-GMO.Value $20)
  • FREE Anywhere Leggings or $22 coupon for anything in the store from Ellie & Anders Ellie&Anders was founded by a mother-entrepreneur who wanted to make family adventures simple and sustainable. Versatile capsule wardrobes are designed to allow children to explore easily, from a garden to a far-off adventure. Made with technical fabrics that are durable, light-weight, quick-drying, packable, and ethically made in the USA. Perfect for minimalist families who want fewer clothes to do more.(Value $22)
  • 3 Months Free to PopSmart Kids Around the World Stories creates fun, memorable audio stories that teach children about the world’s countries and cultures while capturing their imaginations and sparking their inner explorer. Each 30-minute story also comes with a parent guide full of activity ideas, recipes, printables and discussion topics. (Value $29.99)
  • Plus, there are 8 other bonuses from Hope Ink, Soulcare Mom, Smart Mom Media, Earthley, Todaist, Derose Health, MenuPlans, and Puro Co.!

And there’s one more thing…

If you buy by midnight tonight, you can also get a free set of Kids + Pantry Labels Value Pack (a $16.99 value!). Lil’ Labels offers unique waterproof, write-on labels for home organization, daycare, and school. They are easy to write on and self-seal for the kitchen, pantry, baby items, kids toys and totes, and everything else. They’re washable, wipeable, durable, and safe. Made in the USA. Check out the bundle and the bonus here
Get your free bonus when you grab your bundle before midnight tonight.

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Here’s how all these bonuses work: You can pick and choose whichever offers you want to redeem — as many or as few as you want. For the physical bonuses, you’ll be responsible for shipping costs.

The digital bonuses are available to anyone in the world — with no shipping costs!

You may be tightening up your budget right now (which is so understandable!), but the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle has so much to offer you.

The value of the bonuses is over fourteen times the cost of the bundle, and when you add in the Lil’ Labels bonus, plus the 49 resources, it’s so much easier to discover strategies to help you take care of your family AND yourself — and that sounds pretty amazing… 

Check out all the bonuses and resources included in the 2021 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

Have a splendid day today!