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Master Your Money Super Bundle- My Top Picks

In the middle of a year as we’ve had, imagine how much better you’d feel if you didn’t have to worry about your finances (because there’s enough stuff to worry about!). When you start meeting your money goals, your stress will go down and you can look forward to an awesome financial future – or you can be better prepared for the next bump.

And you can get step-by-step instructions to kick off that awesome future with the Master Your Money Super Bundle.

The Master Your Money Super Bundle is a collection of 8 eBooks, 17 eCourses, and 13 printables & workbooks. Inside this bundle, you will find tons of resources to help pay off debt, budget like a boss, and reach your financial goals, and so much more. It’s basically one big financial library – all for $37 that you can get your copy here before the sale ends tomorrow (December 11th).

This curated collection of resources will help you:

  1. Set up an easy budgeting system you can actually stick with
  2. Learn proven ways to save money no matter your income
  3. Take control of debt without feeling overwhelmed
  4. Find smart ways to grow your family’s income
  5. Create a clear plan for achieving your financial goals

Here are my Top Picks:

Baby on a Budget (eCourse) by Erin Artfitch 
The foolproof strategies you need to help parents prepare for and raise a baby without going broke.

6 Steps to Heal Your Money Story (eCourse) by Rebecca Brumfield

Overcome career burn out and bust through the limiting beliefs that cause stress, burnout, and stagnation.

  • Master Money Makeover (eCourse) by Carolyn Scott-Hamilton 

4 module course to help you learn how to manage and save money on an inconsistent income.

Sinking Funds Simplified (Workbook) by Kari Lorz
Saving money can be easy, much easier than you could ever imagine! This workbook will help you set up savings buckets for everything you need, but can never seem to find the money for.

The Rental Property 90 Day Action Plan (eBook) by Kendra Barnes 
A step-by-step guide that walks you through everything you need to do to prepare for buying your first rental.

The Ultimate Debt Free Roadmap Workbook: Your Step by Step Debt Free Plan (Workbook) by Amanda Waterston 
Will help you break down your big financial goals into actionable steps, create your custom debt-free plan, and know exactly what steps to take to become debt-free.

How to Set a Realistic Grocery Budget That You Can Stick To (eBook) by Charissa Quade 
This eBook is not about eating cheap, unhealthy food, it’s about making your grocery budget easy to stick to so you can feed your family how you want.

Here’s to an awesome financial future!


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Do You Have Your Finances Under Control?

Hey Friend,

How are you doing financially? I know, I know, it’s such a rude question!

But out-of-control money stuff is really stressful. Everybody wishes their financial life was calm.

That’s why I am so excited about an eCourse called 10 Steps to a Brilliant Budget, created by Jennifer Roskamp.

This eCourse is a thorough, step-by-step walk thru of everything you need to take into account to create a complete & accurate budget. Each step is clear and easy to follow & delivered via email so you can work at your own pace.

10 Steps to a Brilliant Budget is just one of the products inside the Master Your Money Super Bundle.

In addition to other budget resources, there are also resources on paying off debt, increasing your income through side hustles, or planning for your financial needs of the future (like putting your child through college, preparing financially for a baby, and more!)

All in all, these are part of the Master Your Money Super Bundle, a collection of 38 eCourses, eBooks, printables, and workbooks.

Now, I get that it’s a HUGE number of resources, but here’s the thing… even if just a handful of products apply to your life right now, it’s well worth the investment.

And the best part is this collection is yours to keep. It isn’t going anywhere. All you need to do is download all the eBooks and register for the eCourses within six months of purchase.

Everything in the bundle can be yours for just $37, but only if you buy it before it goes off sale on Friday at midnight!

Click here to get everything you need to pay off debt and reach your financial goals 

But don’t wait too long, I’d hate for you to miss it. 🙂

P.S. If you’ve been trying to decide whether to get it or not, you might want to know they’ve got a 30-day happiness guarantee! Try it out and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just ask for a refund within 30 days.

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Do You Have Your Finances Under Control? Read More »