Parent’s Choice Baby Wipes ONLY $18.98 on

Parent's Choice Baby Wipes ONLY $18.98 on has 1,200-Count of Parent’s Choice Baby Wipes for only $18.98. They’ll be in stock on April 19, 2020. (You can pre-order now) Prices may vary by store/state

Give your baby some extra comfort with Parent’s Choice Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes. They are plant-based and contain 99 percent of water ingredients to help promote well-balanced pH levels. With no fragrances and hypoallergenic formula, these scent-free baby wipes are safe and suitable for daily use. They have a soft texture that is gentle enough for use on baby’s sensitive skin. Use these unscented hypoallergenic baby wipes to give little ones a nice, clean feeling. Keep them handy to clean up messes quickly and conveniently. These wipes are also useful for removing makeup. Each extra thick wipe is designed to stand up to heavy use without wearing out or tearing during use. They come in a package that allows easy for dispensing from the top.

  • 12 Flip-Top Packs (1200 Total Count)
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