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“Unleash the Entertainment: Get a 3-Day DOGTV Free Trial Today!”


Embark on a journey of tailored canine entertainment with our exclusive offer: a 3-day Free Trial of DOGTV (credit card required). Backed by scientific expertise, DOGTV offers meticulously crafted programming designed to cater to the sensory needs of our furry companions.

The content is strategically divided into calming, engaging, and exposure segments, creating a harmonious blend that aligns perfectly with the daily routines of our cherished “stay-at-home” pups. Elevate their downtime with soothing visuals and stimulating sounds, keeping their minds active and spirits content.

Sign up and receive a 3-day Free Trial of DOGTV (credit card required). A trusted source of scientifically developed content for dogs, DOGTV programming is organized into relaxing, stimulating, and exposure segments that work together to provide just the right balance for the daily routines of our beloved “stay-at-home” pups.

This offer is a monthly subscription.

    • TV for Dogs? Yes! Really! We’re a unique streaming service for dogs designed to alleviate stress and anxiety throughout the day.
    • DOGTV is a 24/7 dog TV channel, designed to alleviate your pup’s stress and anxiety throughout the day.

When you subscribe to DOGTV, you unlock our exclusive 24/7 live stream, where your pup can enjoy calming music and streaming video all day, scheduled based on a dog’s daily cycle.

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“Unlock Safer Connectivity: Get 10% OFF Gabb Phone for Kids!”



NO internet.
NO social media.
No worries.


Sign up and receive 10% OFF Gabb Phone for Kids when you sign up for a 2-year contract with Gabb Wireless.

**This offer is a monthly subscription/membership.**

The Gabb Phone Z2 protects kids while keeping them connected to family and friends. It gives parents peace of mind because it doesn’t have the Internet, social media, or games.

    • Gabb Phone – No internet, no social media, active GPS tracking, and Unlimited talk + text
    • 2 Year Contract $24.99/month + taxes 10% off phone = $134.99
    • 1 year Contract $24.99/month + taxes 5% off phone = $142.49
    • No Contract $24.99/month + taxes

Gabb is not just a phone. It’s an ecosystem of kid-safe software and hardware that are built specifically for kids and teens.


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Boost Mobile: Sign Up Now and Enjoy 1-Month Unlimited Data for Just $12.50, Only $25 Afterward!

Sign up for a Boost Mobile account and receive 1-month of unlimited data for $12.50.

**This offer is a monthly subscription/membership.**

**After your first month, you will pay $25/mo unless you go online to cancel.**

Boost Mobile gives you the power you want from a wireless carrier.

For 1 line, $25 per month. AutoPay enrollment is required.

For new customers only.

**This offer is a monthly subscription/membership.

Countries: US

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Disney Wonderful World of Reading – 4 Books for $0.99 Each!

Your kids will delight at the arrival of a new Disney Wonderful World of Reading book package approx. every 3 weeks and a seasonal package 4 times a year. Or whatever frequency you choose. This is a monthly subscription/membership.

  • Now you can share your favorite Disney stories with your own children in beautiful hardcover editions, illustrated by the Disney artists themselves.
  • Encourage them to read timeless Disney stories, from new titles like Moana, Inside out, Zootopia, to classics like The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh, and Cinderella.

Choose 4 Disney Books for just $.99 each plus a free Backpack with a Trial Subscription from Disney Wonderful World of Reading.

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Scentbird- Get a Free Designer Fragrance

Ready to re-enter the world?

Leave a lasting first impression every time you step out the door with hand-picked monthly fragrances.

Subscribe to Scentbird and receive a FREE designer fragrance.

Indulge in new designer scents every month for just $15.95.

You can receive a FREE product of Oscar de la Renta Bella Blanca with your first order.

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