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Earn $2 to $75 per Completed Survey – Make Money From Home

Wondering how to score FREE gift cards? We’ve got you covered!

Apply for Survey Junkie and Earn points by taking surveys, which can pay anywhere from $2 to $75 per completed survey. 

Cash-out your points for digital gift cards or cash out with PayPal.

Great time to make some extra money for spring and summer!

Two more reasons to sign up for Survey Junkie:

  • If you do not qualify for a survey, you still earn some points for it towards a gift card (not all survey companies will reward you for your time)
  • Ages 13+ can sign up – get your tweens and teens signed up to start making their own money!

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Everything you wanted to know about the Work at Home Bundle


Are you just as excited as I am about the Work at Home Bundle, a collection of resources by ordinary people who’ve found strategies to earn money from home?

If you still have questions, keep reading!

Q1: Is this one big course? Or a bunch of different products?

A1: This bundle is a collection of 9 eBooks, 11 eCourses, 4 printables & workbooks, and 4 templates. Inside this bundle, you will find tons of resources to help find strategies to successfully work from homeall for $37.

Q2: What am I going to do with so many resources?

A2: There is no way on earth each of these eBooks / eCourses is relevant to where you are right now. Some of them will have a lot of appeals, and some won’t. But in most cases, it only takes 3 or 4 eBooks or eCourses that you’re going to use for you to start making money. Not to mention, there are 11 resources alone that are worth as much or more than the cost of the bundle itself. So, even though you won’t use every resource in the bundle, it would still be really hard to not save a ton of money anyway.

Q3: How do I know I’m actually getting good quality products and not just a bunch of “throw-away” eBooks?

A3: The Ultimate Bundles team spends months reviewing potential contributors, approaches only the best for inclusion, and then only accepts the top products that they think will have the most appeal out of those. Many of these are even full-length eCourses with video tutorials! They are highly selective and it shows in the final curated collection.

Q4: OK, but what if I buy it and don’t like it?

A4: Although Ultimate Bundles has an extremely low return rate at less than 1/4 of the industry standard, there are some people who it doesn’t work for. That’s why they offer a 100% happiness guarantee refund policy for 30 days. If you don’t love it, just email to ask for a full refund.

Q5: This sounds like a scam. Can you prove it’s not?

A5: I know it seems too good to be true. Pay $37 for $1,603.90 in resources? Doesn’t that mean someone’s losing big time? Or the prices are inflated?

I totally get your concerns. I’ve been an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles for years and I can tell you that I offer these bundles to my readers because they’re a great value. Even though a blogger maybe including their product in a bundle that costs less than their product, creators get exposure to new potential readers, which can pay off in big ways later. And when you buy a bundle through your favorite blogger (hopefully me!), you’ll support them, too! Plus, the bundle is offered for such a short time that they can go back quickly to selling their product at full price.

In short, it’s a great deal for everyone. Ultimate Bundles is a reputable company, so if you try the bundle and don’t like it within 30 days, just ask their friendly, helpful customer happiness team for a refund.

I hope that fully answers your questions!!

In my opinion, you really don’t want to pass up a deal this good.

Get your bundle now!

Have a great day!


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6 Ways to Jumpstart Your Savings Game In 2020

Make saving money a priority in 2020 with our top 6 tips to jumpstart your savings game.
MySavings may earn a small commission via affiliate links in this post. Individual T&C may apply per offer. Read more here.


With New Year’s resolutions still on my mind, I have been thinking about how to spend less and save more in 2020. My good intention is set, and now it’s time to follow through. Here are some easy ways to keep you on a money-saving track for the entire year.

1. Start Your Investment Portfolio with $1.00

Want to invest, but don’t have the knowledge or extra cash? Get the guidance to help you achieve financial freedom with micro-investing through Stash. Currently, Stash will offer $5 for you to start investing to get you started.1 Easy and informative for beginners and fun for even the pros. The best part – You can start investing with $1.00 or less!

2. These Credit Cards Will Give You Money

There’s nothing like jump-starting your savings game than with $250 in free cash! There are many credit cards that not only give you cash back on your purchases but will give you a nice signup bonus of free cash! Overwhelmed by choosing the perfect cashback credit card? Luckily searches and compares hundreds of credit card offers and posts the top 10. Look for a card with $0 annual fees and high cashback percentages. You’ll be surprised how quickly the money adds up.

3. Cut the Cord for Good and Save $100

We get it. You’ve been paying for cable your whole life, and cutting it out of your life may feel like a breakup. But doesn’t saving $100 per month sound amazing? Choose your channels and pay for only what you want to watch with streaming services! Not sure if a streaming service is a good fit? Try most of them for free and never sign a contract!

You can subscribe to individual channels on Amazon for as little as $3 each per month like MTV, Nickelodeon, Showtime, and more. Plus, many of the Channels on Amazon offer free 7 day trials to see how you like it! Streaming services like Sling have a huge fan following and right now you can score $10 off. With streaming services you no longer have to waste money on channels you never watch – you’re in control of your money and not the cable company!

4. Get Paid Every Time you Shop Online

Every three months I get a check for $10-$35 in free money from Rakuten – my favorite rebate website! Every time I plan to make an online purchase I make sure to click through Rakuten first to earn 3-15% cashback on all of my purchases.  Every purchase I make on my favorite websites like Kohl’s, Amazon, and Target has earned me over $375 in free cash over the past few years. Rakuten is giving new members a Free $10 Walmart gift card for giving them a try.

5. Make Money Watching Videos 

InboxDollars pays you for what you’re already doing – watching videos, listening to music, searching online, and downloading apps. Plus, InboxDollars boosts your account with $5 to get you started. It is free and easy to become a member and start making some extra cash right away. Once you hit $30 you can cash out via Paypal, check, or by Amazon gift card.

6. Boost Your Savings Account

An Aspiration Spend & Save account gives cash back, up to 1.00% APY, and up to 5 free ATM fees every month. Plus, the Aspiration debit card gets you up to 10% cashback – keeping money in your wallet where it belongs!
Disclosure:  This post may contain affiliate links and sponsored content at no cost to you. Thanks for reading.
1. Promotion subject to Terms & Conditions. For Securities priced over $1,000, the purchase of fractional shares starts at $0.05.
MySavings (ShopHerMedia) is a paid Affiliate/partner of Stash. Investment advisory services offered by Stash Investments LLC, an SEC-registered investment adviser.

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Stuck at home? Earn cash right from your home with these tips.


Make Money From Home During the Pandemic

With most Americans confined to their homes during this difficult Coronavirus Pandemic, it’s hard to make ends meet. You can make some extra cash at home during social distancing to help pay bills, purchase food or just a little extra money to spend online.

Earn up to $75 per Survey
Take surveys from home – 100% legit and each one is worth $3-$75 from Survey Junkie.

Under 24? Earn $5 for every survey
Pinecone Research is looking for people under 24yo – guaranteed $5 per survey paid to PayPal.

Download this app for $15 every Month
Score $5 for every device you have SurveySavvy installed on (up to 3).

$5 Bonus for signing up with Swagbucks
Swagbucks is a pretty cool online platform that earns you rewards for searching, taking surveys and more. Plus $5 free when you join

File a Claim in a Class Action Settlement (no proof needed)
Every year a judge orders millions of dollars to consumers, we have the list to request your cash.

Under 29? Get cash for your Opinion on Government
YouGov is looking for women ages 18-29 and men to give their opinions on our Government – you’ll be rewarded with gift cards and cash.

Win BIG in Instant Win Games and Sweepstakes
You can’t win if you don’t enter. Millions of dollars in cash and gift cards are giving away every single day.

Earn Cash Shopping online + Free $10 Gift Card
Make 3-20% cashback on all of your online purchases – Rakuten will send you a check or PayPal money every few months. Plus, score $10 just for signing up.

Test Products for Free
Score free products from being a product tester and get rewards like gift cards for giving your opinion.

$50 for Keeping This App Installed
Nielsen Computer & Mayors Panel will give you gift cards and cash when you keep their app installed on your device.

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