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Beans & Sparks club – First Book $5 (US and UK)


Does your child love books?

Do they love to see their name in a book?

Beans and Sparks Club lets your child be the main character of every story in these books!!

You can create an avatar and include your child’s name!

Sign up for the beans & sparks club and receive First Book for $5.00 (free shipping).

    • Stay subscribed to receive a new personalized book every month for only $19.99 (free shipping).
    • Add another child HALF PRICE, only $9.99 (free shipping)

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Little Passports: Hands-On Activities with Adventure and Exploring!


Little Passports creates products designed to inspire children to learn about the world through monthly subscriptions, educational toys, and characters kids love, ages 3-12.

  • Every month, Introduce your kids to the world around them through monthly, age-appropriate activity kits.
  • Dig into the world’s wonders, from the deep sea to dinosaurs, with hands-on activities, games, and stories.
  • Befriend fascinating animals and go wild with pop-up playsets, super-cool games, and more.
  • Explore a new country each month with hands-on activities, stories, and souvenirs.

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CodeSpark Academy: Learn – Code – Play 7-day Free Trial (ages 5-9)


Have your kids learn to code by trying a 7 Day FREE Trial from Codespark.

This is a great way to see if your child has a passion for coding. There are new skills and challenges every week – your child won’t even know they are learning because it’s so much fun!

codeSpark Academy is the #1 at-home learn-to-code program for kids 5-9! Our award-winning app has introduced over 30 million kids in 200+ countries to the ABCs of computer science.

  • Choose a plan to get your kids coding. Try codeSpark completely free for 7 days. Cancel anytime.

Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited coding challenges
  • New skills EVERY WEEK
  • 100s of educational puzzles
  • Unlimited access to creativity suite
  • Access for up to 3 children

codeSpark Annual Plan $79.99 save 33%

codeSpark Monthly Plan $9.99


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Are You Considering Homeschooling?

Hey Friend!

This school year has been challenging, but if you’ve ever considered homeschooling your kids, this pandemic has given us a great opportunity to give it a try!

Deciding to take charge of your child’s education is an overwhelming, possibly expensive, decision.

So you can imagine that when I learned about a package of homeschooling resources – offered for less than $30! – I couldn’t help myself from telling you about it.

It’s called the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle and it’s back for a quick 2-day flash sale. It has resources inside for homeschooling kids from preschool through high school. It includes art appreciation, reading, phonics, international studies, science, nature, language arts, and more!

It even includes resources to support the homeschool parent (things like planners, how to use technical tools in your homeschool, teaching children with dyslexia, and getting started with homeschooling).


When you buy the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle, you’ll get access to:

    • 8 eCourses & videos
    • 13 eBooks
    • 22 workbooks & printable packs
    • 4 curricula
    • 3 membership sites & summits

The creators behind these resources are 50+ parents and child-care professionals who’ve spent years homeschooling their own kids. They’ve had their doubts too, but they’ve learned how to keep themselves organized, how to keep plugging away when it’s hard, and how to keep the big picture in mind. They’d love to share their experiences with you.

And best of all, you can get the entire package for just $29.50.

Check out the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle right here

The sale is over Thursday, February 4th at 11:59 PM. Check out the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle before the deadline

Have a great day!


Pimsleur – Discover the Secret to Speaking a New Language! 7 Day FREE Trial


Sign up and receive a 7-day FREE Trial of the Pimsleur Premium Course.

    • Pimsleur’s revolutionary Method taps into your natural ability to learn through hearing and speaking so you can speak a new language quickly and easily.
    • This is an audio-based course.
    • Each lesson is 30 minutes.

The Pimsleur Method harnesses your natural ability to listen and learn.

Start your FREE Trial here