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Earn Up to 25¢/Gallon Cash Back on Gas

GetUpside is a free cashback app that benefits both consumers and businesses.


    • Use New “Check-In” and skip the receipt. Just Check In to redeem your offer at this station and any other locations that have a Blue Badge. No need to upload the receipt. GetUpside uses the last 4 digits of your cards from recent purchases to verify your purchase. Tap the “Check-In” button when you are at a business and select which card you use – no receipt pic needed.

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    • GetUpside you can earn up to 25¢/gallon cash back on gas, up to 45% cash back at restaurants, and up to 30% cash back at grocery stores.
    • Over 25 million consumers are earning cashback every day with GetUpside and over 25,000 merchants are using GetUpside to drive more business to their locations and increase profits.

GetUpside’s growth is primarily powered by its peer-to-peer referral program. You can earn a 15¢/gal bonus when you refer friends and give friends and family a 15¢/gal bonus. Referrers also earn 1¢/gal every time their referee gets gas using GetUpside.


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