Here’s How to Score 5 Almost Free Bic Razors

Not many people know about this super hot deal that ends this month.

Score up to 5 packages of Bic Razors for almost Free! Bic has a $5 Visa Virtual rebate offer available through March 31, 2021 – you can submit up to 5 for a total of $25! You can purchase the qualifying razors in-store OR online. Submitting the receipt either way you choose is super easy. Here are the details:
  1. Which Razors Qualify?
    Purchase a qualifying Bic Razor Package. The list is fairly long and includes MOST Bic Razors (pretty much Bic Soleil, Comfort, Flex and silky touch qualifies). Check out the full list at the bottom of this post.

    enlightenedShop on Amazon! There are SEVERAL Bic Razor Packages for Men & Women that are just over $5 here that Qualify (must buy them separately if you want to submit more than one gift card). Some will only be $0.18 after the rebate!!

  2. How Much do I have to Spend?
    The key here is the cost of the razor has to be over $5 after coupons and before tax.
  3. Can I Make all the Purchases in One Transaction?
    NO! You need to have a separate receipt for every $5 Bic Razor Purchase. You can submit up to 5 receipts!
  4. How do I Get my Visa Gift Card?
    Go to the linked page here and submit your rebate(s) online – it’s super fast. You will need to upload your receipt. You can submit up to 5 for a total of $25! You have from February 16, 2021 – March 31, 2021, to make the purchase and until 4/4/21 to submit receipts.
  5. When Will I Get My Visa Gift Cards?
    Your gift card will arrive in your email in 2-3 weeks! Plus, you’ll be entered to win a $500 Gift Card for every rebate you submit!

Razors That Qualify: 

  • Soleil® Smooth
  • Soleil® Smooth Scented®
  • Soleil® Smooth Colors® (excludes club packs)
  • Soleil Comfort®
  • Soleil Comfort Scented
  • Soleil® Sensitive
  • Soleil® Sensitive Advanced
  • Soleil Simply Smooth®
  • Soleil® Glide®
  • Soleil® Click™ 3
  • Soleil® Click™ 4
  • Soleil® Click™ 5
  • BIC® Flex3™
  • BIC® Flex4®
  • BIC® Flex5™
  • BIC® Flex2™ Hybrid®
  • BIC® Flex 3™ Hybrid
  • BIC® Flex4® Hybrid
  • BIC® Flex 5 Hybrid™
  • BIC® Comfort 3 Hybrid
  • BIC® Comfort Twin
  • BIC® Single 1
  • BIC® Comfort 3
  • BIC® Comfort 3 Advanced
  • BIC® Deuce
  • BIC® 3
  • BIC® Single 1 Sensitive
  • BIC® Twin Select Sensitive
  • BIC® Silky Touch Sensitive
  • BIC® Silky Touch 1
  • BIC® Silky Touch 3
  • BIC® Silky Touch
  • BIC® Select Silky Touch
  • Or BIC® Sensitive 2


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