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The Day I Became a Superhero! First Personalized Book $3.99 (just pay to ship)

The Day I Became a Superhero.

Children will be enchanted with the learning journey they personally go on in The Day I Became a Superhero.

Activities and experiences that help children develop a positive sense of themselves are important for this age group, and The Day I Became a Superhero reinforces this, leading to more self-confidence.

Sign up for the beans & sparks club and receive First Book for $3.99, just pay shipping and handling.

Beans & Sparks books are designed to engage a child and empower them through the story. The collection is structured using the EASY framework—Emotions, Adventure, Science, creativitY—and The Day I Became a Superhero focuses on Emotions and shows the importance of resilience.


Beans & Sparks Club – Personalized First Story Book $2.99

Get your very own storybook personalized!

How cool is this, very!

Sign up for the Beans & Sparks Club and receive First Book for $2.99, just pay shipping and handling.

  • A subscription can be taken out as a gift.
  • Stay subscribed to receive a new personalized book every month for only $19.99 (free shipping)
  • Add another child HALF PRICE, only $9.99 (free shipping)

Your child earns a badge for every book they star in and can claim a reward for every five badges collected.

  • Badges are displayed in the Rewards section of My Account, with details of any rewards earned and how to claim them.
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