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Stay Connected With People – Pets – Vehicles

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GPS Locator


Know where the people and things you care most about are from anywhere in the world.

  • EASY to use PocketFinder Personal Locators and Vehicle Trackers.
  • PocketFinder trackers are perfect for Vehicles, Kids, Luggage and equipment.
  • If it can be lost, stolen or wander off, PocketFinder can track it.

$30 Discount at Pocket Finder (.net). Use coupon code Shop 30 during checkout. Expires 05/31/2014.

Log in from the web or free feature rich easy to use App. Service includes tracking history, unlimited text/email speed and zone notifications, and more for the lowest monthly rate in the industry – $12.95.

Our customer base includes people wanting to track their vehicles (cars, trucks, RVs, ATVs, watercraft), parents of teen drivers, children, luggage and more!










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