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Quick Ways To Stay Hydrated

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Last week my kid and I got a chance to travel and stay at Cape Cod. Woot! Woot!  I haven’t had a vacation in over a year and was really looking forward to this one. “E” had rented a house for 2 weeks and invited other family members to join in on their vacation. The ride was about 3 hours long which included a stop to Dunkin Donuts! I usually order a green tea w 2 sugars but declined and got a muffin instead.  My kid was shocked and said, “No green-tea? What? What’s going on???” I mentioned eating healthier and making better choices for food and beverages was what I wanted to work on while on vacation.

The second day “A” and I headed to the beach. We each brought a water bottle and a packed healthy lunch bag (insulated).  My lunch consisted of red and green grapes, cheese chunks, water crackers and rotisssere chicken salad.  It was getting really hot out and I was glad I had my water with me to drink. Water does help your body stay hydrated.

A family of families was sitting all together in front of us. Each time a kid went to the cooler, a bottle of soda or a gatorade bottle was chosen. No water bottles packed from these 3 families just all sugared beverages.  It was interesting to see that many other families also had sugared drinks on the beach.

Quick Ways To Stay Hydrated

  • Drink water vs. beverages with sugar
  • Drink coconut water
  • Add a slice of lemon or add fruit to your water bottle.

Eat fruits and veggies (made up mostly of water)

  • Strawberries
  • Watermelon
  • Spinach
  • Cucumbers
  • Zucchini
  • Oranges


How do you stay hydrated when you are at the beach? I would love to hear your replies!





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