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Paying It Forward with Coupons!

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Paying It Forward

I really like doing Pay-It-Forwards. It is something small but meaningful. It doesn’t take a lot of time to do it either!  It can be anything from giving a compliment, opening up a door, helping someone, giving a smile, anything that you want it to be. You can definitely put a smile on a person’s face by doing any of these! 🙂

I have heard that some people pay for the persons’ food order while in the drive-thru line. Can you imagine how shocked that person is when they are ready to pay only to find out it has already been paid? Total Shock, I am guessing, that a complete stranger did this. I bet, they would be doing the “Happy Dance”, LOL!! 🙂

Also, I have heard people buying the customer’s order for Christmas Gifts!! Wowzers Is all I can say! I haven’t encountered an experience like this before, but It would be so cool to see! 🙂

I personally, have been doing Paying-It-Forwards by collecting coupons for friends, family, and humaine society centers (to defer costs for pet foods). They don’t ask me for them I just mail them.

At the moment, I am working on 2 envelopes of coupons for 2 families.

  • 1 envelope has baby coupons
  • 1 envelope has food and household coupons

They have no idea I am doing this, nor do they know I love to just randomly “help out.” I think they will be totally “Shocked” but “Happy” too! 🙂

It’s nice to get something in the mail that you just didn’t expect. Someone thinking about you and doing something out of the ordinary!


**What are some of your Pay-It-Forwards that you have done?**  I would love to hear your replies.


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