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Make The Summer Pop with Ring Pop Party Packs + $2.50 Coupon!

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Make the summer pop with Ring Pop Party Packs!

Moms grew up with Ring Pops, and now they can share them with their kids.
Ring Pop Party Packs are the perfect accessory for every summer occasion.
Sure, we know that Ring Pops are amazing, tasty treats, but did you know they’re also a great way to create summer fun for your kids?

“Brought to you by Ring Pop®”

“Top 5 Ways To Make The Summer Pop” list:
Backyard BBQs: decorate the kid’s table with jars of Ring Pops.
Birthday Parties: put Ring Pops in a treasure chest and dig for treasure together.
Playdates aren’t complete without Ring Pops. Give your kid and their friends “super power” Ring Pops and have them come up with their own superhero.
Start of the summer right by celebrating the end of school: share Ring Pop “class rings” your kid and his or her classmates.
Knight your kids as king and queen. Have them do the same to you!
Baseball games: whether your kid is on the field or cheering on the sidelines, wear family championship Ring Pops after the game.

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