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Make the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit easier to use

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Hey Friend,

Already feeling stretched for time? Read on…

The amazing thing about the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit I’ve been telling you about is the number of resources and the knockout value.

But this can also be overwhelming if you’re struggling to find the time to spend on your blog…much less anything else. That’s why the Ultimate Bundles team (the curators of the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit) created the cheat sheets.

Each resource in the bundle comes with a CliffsNotes-style summary to go along with it, so you can cruise through the information so. much. faster. That way, you can quickly discover which particular resources you want to dive deeper into.

For $50 extra, you can add the full package of cheat sheets to your bundle, making it much more likely that you’ll use this awesome collection of tools and training to help you grow your blog.

Check out the bundle with cheat sheets before the sale is over on Tuesday at midnight
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