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Lulu Rose – Free Synthetic Diamond Earrings. Just Pay to Ship

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Are you looking to add jewelry pieces to your collection, then check out these great offers with Luciana Rose Couture!

These offers are great to gift too!

  • Flawless Lab Diamonds
  • Synthetic diamonds
  •  Hypoallergenic

Jewelry: Receive FREE Pair of Lab Diamond Earring (originally $79.950), just pay $9.95 shipping and handling.

  • BEST DEAL3 Pairs – Lab Diamond Earrings – Buy 2 Pairs at 85% Off [$13.50/pair] and Get 1 More For FREE
  • 5 Pairs – Lab Diamond Earrings – Buy 3 Pairs at Over 85% OFF [$13.33/pair] and Get 2 More For FREE
  • 10 Pairs – Lab Diamond Earrings – Buy 5 Pairs at 85% OFF [$12/pair] and Get 5 More For FREE


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2 thoughts on “Lulu Rose – Free Synthetic Diamond Earrings. Just Pay to Ship”

  1. I would like to know why your company took an unauthorized $63 from my bank account on 4-19-21. I authorized to pay a $4.99 shipping fee on a pair of earrings offered for free from my cell phone provider for being a loyal customer and that is it, nothing else. I am very unhappy with this matter and would appreciate it if my account would be credited the $63 (minus the $4.99 shipping fee is agreed to). Providing I will still receive the earrings, if I will not be receiving them then I expect the full amount of $63 will be returned to my account immediately. I do not appreciate your company helping yourself to my account with unapproved actions and if f this matter is not taken care in a very timely matter I will have no other choice but to take legal action. Thank you and I hope to see you have corrected this mistake very soon!!! Ty Sonja Pringle-Cook

    1. Karen-Kupon Girl

      Hi Sonja, Sorry to hear this happened. I do not work for the jewelry company, you may have clicked on an advertisement posted on my website, I can’t help you resolve this issue. However, here is the email address for the company if you would like to contact them directly. Hope this helps, Thanks!

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