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Less Than $25 At Sears —- R U Serious?

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Swimwear Sale at Sears


Less than $25! Are You Serious!
Less than $25! Are You Serious!


Last week I was invited to go to a Water Theme Park for the day. I  really needed to find a bathing suit ASAP! No suit = No Theme Park! I had only a few days to make this happen!!

Where was I going to shop and find a reasonable price for a bathing suit; Macy’s, JC Penny, TJ Max, Sears? Would I be able to find a good deal, and not have to spend the normally $80 for a new bathing suit? Wow! $80! Seriously….. I can’t even imagine shelling out that kind of money- cha ching for a bathing suit, Can you?

My sister, K, mentioned to me that I might want to take a look at the swimwear section at Sears. My sister and I had a “Girls Night Out” shopping together @ Sears! K is like my personal assistant! She is very helpful and found  some great suits for me to try! 🙂

Pro’s of Sears:

  • Good quality clothing
  • Good prices

I tried on over 30 different bathing suits! There were 2 suits that I found that I really liked. Decisions, decisions— which suit would I purchase? I only needed to get just one! 🙂

I chose the “Tropical Escape” Missy Tierred And Shi Ruffle Faukini Blue  bathing suit! It fit well and was really comfortable! 🙂


Less than $25! Are You Serious!
Less than $25! Are You Serious!

The original tag for the bathing suit was $84 dollars! Cha Ching! $84! No way could I or would I pay that much money on a bathing suit! Would you pay $84 dollars for this bathing suit?

This bathing suit happened to be On Sale! Yippeee! I love Sales! Don’t You?

60% OFF on this bathing suit! Sweet Deal! I love Deals!

$84 X 60% OFF = $33.60

I could handle this price of $33.60! 🙂

But then, I was thinking… Can I use that Shopyourway Rewards Card?  It can be  used at Sears, Kmart, Lands End and a few other stores?

It’s true! Yes! You can use a Shopyourway Rewards Card at Sears! It’s been years since I used mine and I knew I had maybe $5 in reward points. I was shocked when the card scanned that I had 10,000 points = $10.00 and some bonus points too.

The friendly cashier asked me if I wanted to use the 10,000 points = $10 and the bonus points of almost $3. I said, Yes of course! Cha Ching! My total out-0f-pocket for this bathing suit using my shopyourway Rewards Card and having a 60% off discount came to be $21.00 and some change! Yes- I purchased this bathing suit for less than $25! Cha Ching! Score!


Will you be shopping at Sears to get some great deals? I would love to hear your replies! 🙂









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