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How To Make Reindeer Cupcakes! Get The Recipe Today!

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These are so cute!
These are so cute!

 How To Make Reindeer Cupcakes

I was looking through some magazines and was trying to find a cupcake recipe for the holidays. I wanted a recipe that would be easy, fun to do and not so time-consuming! I came across this recipe for Reindeer Cupcakes, last year!! It is really adorable, but I did notice there was a lot of Chocolate frosting covering the cupcakes!!! A lot of chocolate products all around it too! Would all that Chocolate be too much? Would the Chocolate be too sweet to eat? I had so many questions that I could not answer – so I just had to make these Chocolate Cupcakes!  :)

One of these cupcakes and some cookies would be great to leave out for  Santa, too! :)

I found out there was a lot of chocolate in the cupcakes but my family really enjoyed eating them.  It is a special treat just in time for the Christmas Holidays! :) They are really YUMMY!!!!




Did you enjoy the Reindeer Cupcake Recipe? Did you like all the Chocolate that was on this cupcake – or was it too much? I would love to hear your replies! Happy Holidays! :)


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