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Angel Soft – $3 Off Coupon!

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Angel Soft toilet paper is also known for its softness, as indicated by its name. It’s designed to provide a gentle and comfortable experience during use. Many people find it to be soft yet strong, making it suitable for everyday use. Additionally, Angel Soft often offers various options, including different ply counts and textures, to cater to different preferences. Overall, Angel Soft toilet paper is valued for its combination of softness and quality.

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Stop and Shop Supermarket


Angel Soft Mega Roll 2-Ply Toilet Paper Unscented

Offer price good until 4/27/24

8 Rolls/$2.96/100sf

Use the $3 off coupon and your Stop and Shop rewards card to get this deal!

Your cost: $4.99

**There are other sizes and selections for the Angel Soft toilet paper**

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