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5 Steps to a Chaos Free Home (Free Webinar)

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Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2021Hi Friend,

Right now, you may have extra time on your hands. And you may think you have no excuse for not getting your home all organized and running smoothly. But in case things aren’t working out that way, I want to give you some encouragement (plus a free resource).

When we’re overwhelmed, it can be hard to know where to start — We need someone to point us in the right direction and help us get started. If only a big “Start Here” sign would show up, right?

While I can’t make an actual Start Here sign magically appear, I think I have the next best thing. 😉

My friends at Ultimate Bundles have teamed up with Susan Cramer of Motivated Moms to create a FREE class called:
Productive Homemaking: 5 Steps to a Chaos Free Home

  • In this free workshop, you’ll learn:
    • A step-by-step process to get your house under control
    • How to form the habits that make homemaking easier
    • Why the kitchen is a great place to start your cleaning
    • What to do on busy days when you have less time for housework
    • And more!

Susan Cramer is the owner of Motivated Moms, a chore planning system to help you have a clean and organized home and still enjoy time for yourself! She’s been with the company for nearly 15 years, and she’s passionate about making housework less stressful for busy women.

      • Monday, May 17 at 11am EST
      • Tuesday, May 18 at 8pm EST

Register for Productive Homemaking: 5 Steps to a Chaos Free Home right here 


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