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   JustFab Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale! – 2 Pairs Of Shoes For $39.95

At JustFabulous, we believe that every woman deserves to wear the same fashion-forward designs as the rich and famous regardless of her social status. Not to mention the fact that establishing an on-trend wardrobe filled with today’s latest styles should not render you penniless. Our philosophy is that the overall fabulousness of an outfit is based on the compilation of many stylish elements each of which should be high on style, but low on price. Plus, every woman deserves to have her own fashion aficionado at her fingertips.

JustFab’s VIP members have that luxury. This monthly VIP program grants you access to style experts and the most up-to-the-minute shoes and handbags. Every month, our fashion gurus will email you a customized collection of shoes and/or handbags that were selected just for you.

Stay Connected With People – Pets – Vehicles

GPS Locator


Know where the people and things you care most about are from anywhere in the world.

  • EASY to use PocketFinder Personal Locators and Vehicle Trackers.
  • PocketFinder trackers are perfect for Vehicles, Kids, Luggage and equipment.
  • If it can be lost, stolen or wander off, PocketFinder can track it.

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Log in from the web or free feature rich easy to use App. Service includes tracking history, unlimited text/email speed and zone notifications, and more for the lowest monthly rate in the industry – $12.95.

Our customer base includes people wanting to track their vehicles (cars, trucks, RVs, ATVs, watercraft), parents of teen drivers, children, luggage and more!










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The Mom Conference

30+ Online Presenters! One Week Only!

That’s right, super moms, you don’t have to do your impatient dance while you wait for your favorite rock star presenter later this week.

You can watch any class you want NOW.

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When you purchase The Mom Conference Multimedia Library you can download or watch all of the classes online at your own pace and in any order. This is the perfect package for watching on your computer, phone or tablet, or listening to the interviews through a mobile device while you’re driving,exercising, washing dishes or soaking in the tub!

Download The Mom Conference Today!

The Mom Conference Multimedia Library Includes:

  • All 36 classes from each amazing presenter

  • Nearly 30 hours of learning and sharing of ideas and tips

  • Download audio for all 36 classes

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  • Download for 10 high definition videos

  • Download PDF of all 36 class transcripts

  • Plus, FREE Bonus Materials from some of our presenters!

It’s yours now for the event price of $67!

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Believe me, I know that it’s often hard to plan the time in your day to do something for yourself, which is why I encourage you to download all 36 of this week’s classes and rest assured that you can watch them when you can at any time during your day!

Moms helping moms!

Download The Mom Conference Today!
Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link. Thanks for your support! 🙂