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Target: Spaghettios – Under 50Cents!

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Head on over to Target this week for Campbell’s Spaghettios!

Helping kids grow healthy and strong is a full-time job. Why not let SpaghettiOs Pasta give you a hand? SpaghettiOs Pasta is the perfect lunch option because- its fun: those fun, slurpable Os you loved as a kid in a signature sweet sauce!- its easy: ready in minutes and no tangling with knife and fork. Its the neat round spaghetti you eat with a spoon!- Its healthy: SpaghettiOs Pasta is a healthy kids entrée with essential nutrients, a full serving of vegetables and fiber in every bite.

This is a great deal to stock up on! 🙂

Campbell’s SpaghettiOs Original 7.5 oz. can 

  • Price $0.79

Use This Coupon: $0.40

$0.40 off one SpaghettiOs

Total Cost: $0.39

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