Fight Frump With These


Hey Friends,

I’ve been telling you about the Self Care Mini Bundle and today I’m going to tell you more about two products in the bundle. They’ll knock your socks off!

I’ve got #momfrump to fight. So that’s why I gravitated towards these two…

The first one is an eCourse called the 6 Simple Steps to Reset Your Hormones and Shed Stubborn Weight.

Created by Naomi Judge & Brenda Janschek, this 6-step video series will cover estrogen, stress, diet, toxins, blood sugar, and thyroid to help you increase your energy, sharpen your mental focus, and a faster metabolism. Value $10

The other product is called The What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar for Moms by Corina Holden.

The What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar is a workbook with a unique outfit formula for every single day of the year, so you’ll always have an easy combination to try, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of looking put together without even having to think about it! Value $19.99

Together these two products cost $29.99, but since they’re part of the Self Care Mini Bundle, that means you can get both of these resources (plus 20 other resources, too!) for just $29.99.

P.S. Check out the bundle here


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