Amazon Prime Day 2020 News – No Longer July?

Covid19 is forcing Amazon to make some big changes for this year’s Prime Day date!

Usually, by this time of year, we have a good idea when Amazon Prime Day will take place as internal memos leak and sellers are put on notice. However, the news this year is that Prime Day, which has always happened in July, will now be pushed to August or September due to Covid19. As soon as we get the dates we will let you know!

While you may be bummed that you need to wait a little longer for Prime Day there is some good – or in my opinion GREAT News out of this! The New York Times is reporting that Amazon will be planning a big blow out sale this summer to re-establish itself as the fast shipping giant of online retailers and also help brands sell excess inventory that has been building over the past few months as everyone’s spending habits switched to essentials.

In the last two months, Amazon prioritized shipping of many items on their website that they deemed essential and forced slower shipping on other items. This ended up driving customers to other retailers (Target and Walmart mainly) to purchase items and get them delivered much faster. I found myself in this same predicament in April when I tried to buy a new toaster on Amazon – even though I had Prime it said shipping would take 2 weeks or more for it to arrive. I ended up buying my toaster from Target who was still shipping their items in 2-3 days.  Amazon surely took a hit, as my experience was shared by many people.

The good news is that I foresee some great competitive pricing and an all-out sale war between Amazon, Walmart, and Target very soon – and the winners will be us, consumers! Competition always breeds great deals and low pricing and we will be posting all of the upcoming deals here on MySavings! We’re ready!


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