Yummy snack!

Diplicious: Yummy Dips and No-bake Mixes!


Welcome to Diplicious


I am very excited to be sharing Diplicious with all of you today!

What is Diplicious you are all asking? It is an Artisan food mix business!  It relaunched on December 13, 2023

Diplicious specializes in yummy, easy-to-make mixes,  savory dips, sweet no-bake pies/cheeseballs, delicious salsa, and more!

All mixes are exceptionally budget-friendly at only $4.99, catering to a range of pockets!

What I like about the mixes and dips is they only take a few ingredients to make! It’s so easy to have a quick dessert in no time or a salsa.

Products are shipped to the USA.

What is a favorite treat or dessert that you like to eat?

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