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Launching your book doesn’t have to be that hard

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The Writers Toolkit 2021

Hi Friend!

Want to know what many writers worry about when writing a book? Once the book has been written, how do you actually get it out into the world?

That’s why I’m so excited about an eCourse called How to Set Achievable Goals for Your Book Launch by Dorethia Kelly (value $197).

Inside Dorethia’s course, she’ll teach you the beginning steps you should take to determine your goals for your book and then how to implement them! This course is perfect for anyone who wants the inside scoop on where to begin their book launch journey.

Dorethia’s eCourse is just one of the many resources inside The Writer’s Toolkit.

But that’s not all…

Abi Partridge’s Build Your Book Cover by Friday eCourse is also included. Do you know what that means? You can also make sure readers who “judge a book by its cover” actually will choose yours!

This Toolkit is FULL of gems like this…to help you learn, earn, and grow.

Dorethia’s eCourse and Abi’s eCourse would sell for $262 for just the two of them, but you can get them both for $97.

Here’s how to do it:

They are part of the Writer’s Toolkit, a collection of 39 eCourses, eBooks, templates, and more that comes around just once a year!

Now, I get that it’s a HUGE number of resources, but here’s the thing… even if just a handful of products apply to your life right now, it’s well worth the investment.

And the best part is this collection is yours to keep. It isn’t going anywhere.

So whenever you decide to focus on a new area (freelance writing, publishing, productivity, marketing, and more!), you’ve got resources ready and waiting.

Everything in the bundle can be yours, but only if you buy it before it goes off sale on Friday at midnight!

Click here to get everything you need to build a more successful writing career.

But don’t wait too long, I’d hate for you to miss it. 🙂
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P.S. If you’ve been trying to decide whether to get it or not, you might want to know they’ve got a 30-day happiness guarantee! Try it out and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just ask for a refund within 30 days.

Have a fun day today!


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