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Don’t Buy This

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Hi Friends,

As a courtesy, I thought I’d remind you that your chance to buy The Ultimate Startup Bundle (2016 Edition) expires in a few hours.

Although thousands have already bought their bundle and said hello to a stress-free, profitable business, others are hesitating, wondering if this bundle is really for them.

Well, I guess that depends…

Do any of these situations describe you?

  • You’ve known for quite some time you need to make changes in your business to really help it grow to the next level, but just don’t know how.
  • You’ve been eyeing some of the eBooks and eCourses, but they’ve just been a bit too expensive to justify (or maybe you’ve been wondering if they’re any good?).
  • You’re eager to start a business that makes you money on the side (or even enough to quit your day job), and you’re tired of feeling like there’s just too much to do (and not enough time).
  • You want to build a lucrative, cash-flowing business you can be proud of, but it’s hard to justify the time and cost to do the things that will help you succeed.

If any of these resonate with you, I invite you to pick up The Ultimate Startup Bundle (2016 Edition), which contains 70 hand-picked, high-quality eBooks and eCourses that will help you feel more like you’re winning in your business (and life).

On the flip side, if all these statements are true, you should NOT pick up this year’s bundle:

  • You’ve already got a startup doing well over $250,000 in profit a year.
  • Your business is a well oiled machine that makes money easily with little stress.
  • You have time for friends and family, and can go on vacation without worrying how your business will do while you’re gone.
  • You possess infinite amounts of time, money, or energy.
  • You’re making money hand-over-fist with the approach you’re already taking (and you feel great about it).
  • You’re the Jeff Bezos of your industry and everyone knows it.

The combined value of the resources and bonuses in the bundle is over $3,300, but you get EVERYTHING for 97% off!

Bundle Price: $97, Including PDF and eReader files.  

Click here to get your bundle today

If you buy the bundle and realize it’s not a perfect fit for you, no problem. As always, the bundle comes with a 30-day no-hassle guarantee. UB will happily refund your money if it’s not right for you.

So there’s really no risk in trying. But there IS a tremendous amount of upside for you, your family, and your business.

Join me and open the door to new possibilities for your startup!

P.S. Don’t forget that after 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time, the bundle comes off sale for good. Now is the time to act if you think this bundle might be just what you need!

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