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18 Ways to Save Money with Discount Six Flags 2024 Season Tickets + Insider Tips & Coupons!

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Discover the ultimate guide to saving big with Six Flags discount tickets with our insider tips and coupons. Learn how to snag early bird deals, use promo codes, and take advantage of group discounts, all while enjoying unlimited fun at your favorite Six Flags theme parks.

If you’re on the hunt to save BIG at Six Flags Theme Parks, then you’re in the right place. I’m here to guide you through the maze of finding Six Flags discount tickets and insider tips on season passes, day passes, parking, fast track passes, dining, beverages, storage lockers, and all the insider info your heart desires.

Purchase a 2024 Six Flags season pass now, starting as low as $50 ($4/month), and enjoy unlimited visits to your Six Flags home amusement park throughout 2024.


Top 6 Six Flags Promo and Coupon Codes Available Now


If you’re on the hunt for a Six Flags coupon code, you’re in luck. Here are some current Six Flags coupon codes you can use on the Six Flags website right now.

  • CHILLS – For 50% off any purchase
  • RCCR8 – For 8% off your order
  • DRURYSAVE – For $15 off your purchase
  • CRETEPARK – For $31 tickets
  • 50SIX – For 50% off
  • THRIVE – For a $25.99 ticket to the St. Louis park

Remember to check the specific Six Flags park you plan to visit for location-specific promotions and discounts. Always verify the latest information on the official Six Flags website or by contacting the park directly.

Top 18 Ways to Get Six Flags Ticket Discounts


1. Use Coupon Codes and Six Flags Promo Codes

To get a discount on Six Flags tickets with coupon codes, first, sign up for the Six Flags newsletter to receive deals in your email. Also, regularly visit the Six Flags website for any promotional codes. Keep an eye on their social media accounts, like Twitter and Facebook, where they might post special codes.

Got a coupon code? Great! Just go to the Six Flags website, pick your tickets, and enter the code when you check out. You’ll see the ticket prices drop, and you’ll save money that you can use for extra fun in the park!

2. Buy a Six Flags Membership

Getting a Six Flags Membership can help you save a lot of money if you plan to visit often. Instead of buying a ticket every time, you pay once a month and can go to the park as many times as you want. It’s like having a season pass that you pay for a little at a time.

This membership is great because it lets you into any Six Flags park, not just one. If you go more than a couple of times, the membership pays for itself. Plus, you get special deals like free parking, cheaper food, and discounts in the gift shop. Sometimes, you can even bring a friend for a lower price.

3. Purchase Online for Cheaper Park Admission

Save by purchasing tickets online rather than at the gate, and keep an eye out for exclusive online deals. One of the easiest ways to get a discount is to simply purchase your ticket online at sixflags.com at least 24 hours in advance of your visit. The amount of savings varies by theme park.

4. Shop the Six Flags Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are known for their incredible discounts, and Six Flags doesn’t disappoint. Grab your tickets online during these sales to cut costs and skip the lines. Stay alert for Six Flags’ announcements and emails about these deals, which are often short-lived but can offer huge savings for your fun-filled visits.

5. Check Your Coke Cans For Six Flags Coupon Codes

Check the back of your Coke cans for potential Six Flags discounts. Utilize the online coupon code COKE to enjoy savings of up to $16. Certain Six Flags locations may honor discounts when you bring in any Coke can. To confirm, it’s advisable to reach out to the specific location in advance.

6. Find Six Flags Promo Codes at Grocery Stores

Local grocery stores and other retail outlets in the vicinity of Six Flags theme parks frequently offer tickets and season passes at reduced rates. Take, for instance, supermarkets such as Jewel Osco, which sell Six Flags tickets at certain prices inclusive of tax, specifically for Six Flags Great America located in Gurnee, Illinois, near Chicago.

7. Leverage Group Discounts

When arranging a trip to Six Flags for social gatherings, family excursions, or corporate events, group discounts can significantly enhance your experience. Sharing the thrills becomes even better when you’re also sharing the cost reductions.

For educational groups aiming to cut expenses on their visit, Six Flags might provide various savings options including Six Flags coupon codes, flags coupons, Six Flags discount offers, and specific Six Flags coupon code deals tailored for academic outings.

8. Grab the Meal Deals

Consider meal packages or dining passes that offer savings on food and beverages throughout the day.

9. Use a Six Flags Coupon Code from AAA

If you’re part of the AAA family, you can enjoy 30% – 50% off Six Flags Tickets and other Six Flags discounts available at AAA offices. And it’s not just for you—the savings extend to your immediate family, for up to six people.

10. Join Membership Programs

Every visit to the amusement park enhances your rewards tally, which is the essence of Six Flags Membership Rewards. With each entry into a Six Flags park and with every in-park purchase made on food or merchandise, you gather points that progressively increase.

Accumulate sufficient points and you unlock an array of redemption options within the park. This includes indulgences like savory treats, engaging games, and unique experiences reserved for members. You have complete freedom in deciding how to enjoy your rewards!

11. Visit During Six Flags Promo Days

Attend on promotional days or special events when admission prices may be reduced or include extra benefits.

12. Keep an Eye Out for Flash Sales and Six Flags Coupons

Keep an eye out for flash sales, promo codes, and coupons offered by Six Flags or partnering organizations.

Lightning-fast and electrifying, flash sales sweep in powerfully but disappear just as quickly. When you sign up for the Six Flags newsletter, these brief opportunities to achieve significant savings are sent directly to your inbox within a matter of seconds. Subscribing ensures that you’re poised to seize deals and promotions the instant they become available.

13. Score Six Flags Coupon Codes in the Six Flags Newsletter

If you’re looking to save money on your next visit, consider signing up for the Six Flags newsletter. This subscription offers a gateway to exclusive promo codes and discounts that are available only through this channel. Simply go to the official website of Six Flags and register.

Taking this easy action can result in considerable savings, allowing you to conserve funds during your upcoming trip to Six Flags.

14. Follow Social Media for Updates and Six Flags Promo Codes

In today’s rapidly-moving digital environment, staying current with real-time information is essential. By connecting with Six Flags on various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

You’ll gain immediate access to the most recent updates regarding the park and opportunities for ticket discounts. From unexpected weather-related shutdowns to limited-time promotions on tickets, you’ll always be in the know first-hand.

15. Save Money with Free Refill Souvenir Cups

If you enjoy drinks throughout the day, consider purchasing a souvenir cup. Some parks offer free refills on the day of purchase, and discounted refills on subsequent visits.

16. Use Member Bring-A-Friend Benefits

If you have a Six Flags membership, take advantage of the “Bring-A-Friend” benefits, which allow you to bring guests at a discounted rate.

17. Look for Hotel Packages with a Six Flags Coupon Code or Discount

If you’re traveling from a distance, check for hotel packages that may include discounted or bundled tickets with your accommodation.

18. Get Six Flags Promo Discounts for Students, First Responders & Military

Six Flags recognizes the extraordinary efforts of first responders and military service members, celebrating these real-world heroes beyond the pages of comic books by extending special promotions and offers to them. This gesture is a token of immense gratitude for their daily sacrifices and valiant service.

Find Your U.S. Six Flags Location

For thrill-seekers and fun-loving families alike, Six Flags operates an impressive array of parks across North America. Each park offers a unique blend of rides, attractions, and entertainment. Here’s a list of all the Six Flags locations and their respective official website pages for your convenience:

Just note that the availability of attractions and events can vary by location and season. Be sure to visit the respective websites for the most up-to-date information, including operating hours, ticket prices, and health and safety guidelines.

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